Approved by AICTE (Govt. of India) & Affiliated to State Board of Technical Education, Haryana

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Er. Krishan Popli (Principal)

M.Tech Instrmentation From:- (USIC) Kurukshetra

Contact : 08295500666

"If you have internal strength, external setbacks won't keep you down very long."
As we enter the 21st century, innovators and visionaries will replace all the old and outworn systems. Autonomy will be replaced by inter-dependence. The winners will be the champions of co-operation rather than tooth-and-claw competition. The most competitive force is to always give more in the service you render than you expect to receive. Rising expectations of developing nations and consumers make it mandatory that we never rest on our past laurels or take success for granted. Over the last seven years, we have tried to achieve excellence and brilliance through unceasing hard work and constant struggle. I believe in the principle of positive self-dimension. Winners live by the win-win ethic because their security is not based on externals. If your self-esteem is based on externals, your work or your wealth is your worth; a setback becomes a failure; someone else win means your loss; and if you aren't number one, then, you are no good. But for true champions, a loss is a learning experience; and failure, like fertilizer, makes things grow faster in the future. Over time, good seeds, planted in good soil yield good fruits.

Gyan Ganga Polytechnic is working efficiently to achieve proficiency in technical education and will blossom into an institution par excellence. In this diverse, complex and fast changing world, it is essential to have an open mind. Gyan Ganga Polytechnic looks into and for the future of students who are not only taught new concepts, strategies and structure but also get practice in implementing them. Gyan Ganga Polytechnic students shine within their peer group with the knowledge of the latest techniques and technology.

The institute has a placement cell, which will interact with the leading industries, arrange campus interviews and offer ample job opportunities to the students of all disciplines. Besides bestowing engineering knowledge, great emphasis is laid on character building and to inculcate discipline among the students.